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Wellcom to StudioSwings

Nice to meet you :)

At StudioSwings, we offer aerial practice with a hammock, providing a unique fusion of dance, gymnastics, and yoga. With over 9 years of experience, our founder brings her background in Pilates to the mix to help develop core strength and flexibility. Our classes will challenge you and give you a sense of empowerment that extends beyond the studio. We welcome individuals of all backgrounds and skill levels to come fly with us. Our classes aim to foster a positive, supportive, and accepting community.

Shelly's words: "when i first started- the aerial practice was at it's beginning. I started exploring with different hammocks and fabrics - I experimented and researched and finally spread my wings and discovered a whole new world: the swings and the method I work with today.

It was developed in my living room in self-taught research and is used by me in lessons Group and private in Tel Aviv and in the teacher's course And we will really sell out Here on the site. 

As a Pilates mat and equipment certified and Gyrokinesis certified I  was specializing in movement for the period of pregnancy and after birth - I continue to research and develop  The work method and the method for guiding the practice with the new tool   the F.F.F.Swings - aerial practice with a hammock which I pass on in my course.

More about my personal journey on the blog  and also in interviews and reviews on channel 10, on the net, in Ynet, in Macau "Health and in other fitness blogs:


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