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The unique practice hammock of Studio Swings combines a wide, flexible and strong fabric with handles in 3 heights for a wide range of yoga practice abilities, through rehabilitation from pain and injuries to aerial acrobatics

Swings Hammock's unique practice
For Pilates and core training, stretching, inverted poses to release the back and joints and aerial yoga 

The benefits of practicing in a hammock

> An effective tool for relieving back and joint pain
> Strengthening core, muscles, fitness flexibility and balance 
> Performing opposite poses from yoga and pilates easily and effortlessly
Almost anyone can!
> The blood systems and body fluids go through the flow and drainage of toxins, thus contributing to the immune system and antiaging!
> Improving posture and disc spacing between vertebrae and joints
The wrapping in the hammock fabric that contains like a womb the whole body allows for a deep relaxation and relaxation of the nervous system almost like a Watsu water treatment. Wonderful at the end of a working day, before bed or during periods of crisis or great stress.
> Get a wonderful tool for self-care to maintain general health and strong and natural back pain relief in the comfort of your home or studio 

The "Studio Swings" exercise hammock brings the joy of movement to your home for the whole family!
Children fly on it for hours
And adults become children and return to the playground it offers while strengthening the body and freeing the back!
The unique hammock of Swings is mWide, flexible and strong fabricWith the option to add handles at 3 heights for a variety of work options from the worlds of yoga, pilates, fitness and acrobatics and provides Treatment and prevention of back pain, strengthening the body and core muscles,Joint rehabilitation and deep relaxation, Acrobatics and inverted poses 
 The store has two types of hammocks  
מפרט טכני ערסל

What's in it?



The hammock set contains:


*Wide and flexible hammock fabric, width 2.80 x 4 meters

*A pair of looped hanging straps

*A pair of practice handles in three heights - for the PRO hammock only

*A pair of shackles


Please note that the PRO hammock is unique that combines a flexible, caressing and containing fabric that is also strong and durable with strong handles.   It is not possible to get such a hammock online

Aerial yoga hammock

Where are you hanging?

It is recommended to clear a practice space inside the house, in an open area as much as possible.

Important - hang in the area of the concrete beam in the ceiling or hang on a stable and safety beam.  

The hanging straps must be wrapped with a choke tie on the hanging device

as in the video.

If you chose to hang outside, it is important to take the hammock down at the end of the practice. 


What are you hanging on?

It is recommended to purchase a pair of  hanging facilities and install them at a distance of about 50 cm

For the concrete beam with jumbo screws


Can also be hung on strong and secure tension installations or on a stable and strong tree


It is important! check that the facility is able to carry the weight in motion and it is recommended to consult with a constructor 

What is special about the Studio Swings hammock?

The "Studio Swings" hammock is my own development and imported through me
> A unique combination that I created and can only be obtained here! he is a perfect combination
between A very wide fabric, strong on the one hand and flexible on the other, specially woven on a giant loom 2.80 meters wide
and betweenA pair of strong handles in three heights.
> The hammock has been tested and has safety certificates 
> The hammocks used in my studio and in a variety of gyms in Israel including five-star hotels such as Isrotel Karemim and Mamilla Hotel
> I have years of experience with the product in the field and it is extremely durable and safe
Note that there are many hammocks online with handles but none of them have the wide and soft fabric of my hammock!

the cloth

> flexible and very wide 2.80 meters 
> Woven especially for practice: flexible in one direction and strong in the other weaving direction
> Breathable and airy and adapted to the Israeli climate
> Prevents the absorption of odors and enables rapid evaporation of moisture

the handles
> Allows for a variety of diverse practices
> And other holding points anyway
> Rehabilitation and safety in practice
> Strength building and acrobatic challenges
> can be removed as needed

Swings - technical specifications
The kit comes with:
> Flexible fabric measuring 2.80/4 meters

> A pair of removable practice handles
> A pair of straps for hanging loops to adjust the height of the hammock
> A pair of shackles with a secure closure

It is important

*assessmentis not Comes with hanging facilities that can be purchased online or in sports stores.
*In special medical situations it is recommended to consult a doctor and practice accompanied by a hammock instructor.
*With your purchase you agree toSite's Policy  that the practice and the hanging of the hammock are the sole responsibility

of the trainees and after reading the installation and safety instructions:


At the Yisrotel hotel  SWINGS vineyards


  at the Mamilla SWINGS 

36e40d2e-4e05-4b76-9f5e-ba66eb47b14d 2.JPG

The SWINGS at the "SIX SENSES" hotel at dawn

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