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Pro Swings practice hammock

Pro Swings practice hammock


The unique and safe exercise hammock of Studio Swings brings home the joy of movement for the whole family! Children fly on it for hours and adults become children and return to the playground it offers while strengthening the body and freeing the back!


The unique Swings hammock combines a wide, flexible and strong fabric with handles in 3 heights for a variety of work options from the worlds of yoga, pilates, fitness and acrobatics

and provides treatment and prevention of back pain, strengthening the body and core muscles, restoring joints and deep relaxation

Acrobatics and inverted poses


Swings-is a unique hammock for aerial practice, the only one that combines 

Strong, flexible and durable hammock fabric and its dimensions are 4 x 2.8 meters

and a pair of handles in three heights.

The hammock comes with a pair of daisy chains to adjust the hanging height and two shackles with a safety bracket.

This is a practice hammock exclusively imported by Studio Swings  available only here!

It is used in a large number of studios in Israel and in the gyms of his hotel, five stars such as - Yisrotel Keramim and Milla and Six Senses in Sharot.

You can choose a shade from the color scale

  • What's in it?

    The hammock set contains:

    *Wide and flexible hammock fabric 2.80 x 4 meters wide

    *A pair of looped hanging straps

    *A pair of practice handles in three heights

    *A pair of shackles 

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