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Hammock practice teacher training



Familiarization workshop with the hammock

for the professional audience

1/15 Monday

Tel Aviv

Maze 42



Teacher Training

Hammock practice 

Tel Aviv


קורס ערסל
Why a hammock?

"It's already over
the lesson?"

The trainees don't want the class to end
It is said about a hammock lesson that time flies when you are having fun
It's practice like
in a playground
Challenging but fun and effective  
That's why they always come back


Leverage the movement to innovative and effective districts

Practicing in the air and against gravity produces available and simple benefits for a wide variety of practice goals and quick results in pain prevention, muscle and core strengthening, rehabilitation and even acrobatics


Let's lead a field
Pioneer and trailblazer

Although I have been teaching for about a decade 
And I trained over 100 teachers
The field is still in its infancy and there are still many audiences to reach


פרטי הקורס

  Hammock instructor course


Updated course


four meetings 

between hours


 A one-time investment* of 

2550 NIS

 with early registration

Full price NIS 2800 

and-The course is open for repeat visits (not including the internship)*

  Until you spread your wings :)

what will you get


Recognized certificate
for insurance

For those with previous training in the fields of movement and treatment

After finishing  Course assignments


The course is open for visits free of charge

You can visit  Until you spread your wings

  and 2 entrances to the group classes are also included for free


Repertoire of  for about 140 exercises

will be served in four mapsFrontal gashes including staz

Accompanied by a printed booklet


  Episodes online!


Parts of the course will be served


In addition to the Facebook group where all course videos will be submitted 

Remains available after the course


You will leave the course with

 A repertoire of about 140 exercises for beginner levelaccompanied
Photo booklet*
Chapters as an online course - available for life on the website*
Closed Facebook group with free access to all course videos filmed from the course with explanations*
  Shelley's support and accompaniment when needed* 

Discount on hammocks and support and advice for setting up a flying studio

Internship and building lesson plans with the F.F.F SWINGS unique guidance method 
Correct lesson plans and accompaniment and adjustment 
  Includes contraindications, safety instructions, and suitability for different audiences
The benefits of practicing with the hammock in the physical and mental aspect

    Advertising and referralFor the hammock lessons of the course graduates
         recognized insurance certificate For guiding beginner classes - for completing course assignments

Welcome to


Who is the course for?

For teachers and coaches with a certificate in movement instruction who are curious to explore and lead a unique and new field to guide swings classes - aerial practice with

Hammock for beginner groups. 

Mind-body therapists from various fields who wish to add complementary rehabilitation tools to their work

>>Also suitable for experienced practitioners to deepen  without  entitlement to a certificate

Who delivers the course?


Nice to meet you!
My name is Ivgi Tabak, a hammock teacher for about a decade and a mattress and equipment pilates teacher with an emphasis on rehabilitation and pregnancy and childbirth.


I bring my knowledge and experience from the world of Pilates and rehabilitation to the group and private lessons with the hammock as well as to courses and workshops throughout the country.
I have veteran groups, experience and constant investigation of the field, over the years and with diverse populations - from advanced groups to postpartum and pregnancy classes.  
I have already conducted many courses in the last three years and there are over 100 graduates throughout the country.
My dream is to make the hammocks accessible to everyone :) 
In an interview with me on Channel 10 - I briefly talk about the wonders of the hammock and about me -


For a deeper acquaintance comehere


  What do the graduates say?


Noa Kadman

   A teacher to Nia

 and owns a studio "Moving with Noa"

I have completed the intensive days of aerial hammocks course for beginners.
 Joy of Crazy Movement! 
Movement  that strengthens,  challenges, lengthens, and works against the constant compression of gravity. A little watsu, a little swings in the playground, a little yoga, a little pilates, a little dance
And lots and lots of happiness and pleasure.
Thanks to our wonderful teacher - masterful and humble. On the path of her passion.
as i like

Hope to bring it to the studio  soon...

Screen Shot 2023-06-21 at 21.02_edited.jpg

Clary Levy
A blessed spring
Yoga teacher and hammocks


The recommendation  Was to go and try hammocks at my legendary Shelly's place.
I enjoyed every moment, but I fell in love the moment I flipped for the first time, a feeling of release, lengthening and hey crazy, an experience that cannot be conveyed in words, I got up from the flip and asked myself to learn to teach hammocks... and so it was.


To Make a Long Story Short, 


I flowed, removed the shields and protections of age, experience, fear, and gave way to a dream that I didn't even know how to dream.

Adi Cohenan

fitness trainer

  Ynet and the health reporter in  

The hammock and I are love at first attempt! 
The experience Shelley gave me with him
It was special and surprising...
I discovered a new device that integrates with almost every style and method of training and I connected
To him and to me immediately.
  I knew right away that I wanted to learn how to work with him and include him in my training.
I highly recommend Shelly's amazing training and her professional course!
Fly on it!


An introductory workshop with the hammock for the professional audience


Bamza 42 Tel Aviv

If the hammock always called you
But you haven't had time to fly yet
Come get to know the hammock and taste its variety of capabilities
In an exposure workshop of about two hours


We will practice a full lesson and get to know the method I developed to make this unique practice accessible to diverse audiences
You will be exposed to the updated course content

and ask all the questions
that you always wanted to ask and I would be happy to answer 



Maza 42 Tel Aviv
0 NIS for early registration
Full price NIS 200 starting 10/1
*Participants of the workshop will be given a discount of NIS 100

When registering for the next course

סדנת הכרות

 If there are any more questions IHere or on WhatsApp: 

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